Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pink and Purple Cupcakes

I had an order go out this morning for "pink and purple decorated chocolate cupcakes". Easy enough!

The little birthday girl is a former gymnastics student of mine, so I wanted to really do it up special for her.

The chocolate cupcakes are just a basic chocolate devil's food recipe. This order was for a classroom birthday celebration, so keeping them the same size was very important :)

Since the only instructions I received on decorations were "pink and purple", I decided to go with vanilla buttercream (with a touch of cream cheese for... creaminess :) so I could color the frosting.
Also, my favorite part, was adding a cupcake flag to each cupcake. It's so cute and really adds something special.

Completed, assembled cupcakes look smashing! (I think :)

Birthday girl enjoyed sharing them with her class. An order for her little brother's class is right around the corner! Switching from pink and purple mode, to "boy" mode :)

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