Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Cupcakes

What better treat at a Halloween party than cupcakes?! I couldn't have asked for these to turn out any better. Three flavors, three fun Halloween-y styles. These cupcakes were made for my son's middle school Halloween party at the YMCA. He goes to an after school club that is run by the local Y, and they did their Halloween party tonight. So, of course, I spent the day making cupcakes for the occasion :)

{{This is a Devil's Food cupcake with purple vanilla-flavored buttercream frosting}}

{{This is a Vanilla Sprinkle cupcake with black and orange sprinkles. Orange vanilla-flavored buttercream on top.}}

{{This is an Orange Velvet cupcake with green vanilla-flavored buttercream frosting.}}

I have a few leftover if anyone wants them! :)
Have a Happy Halloween, Chaos Peeps!

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