Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hello Kitty Birthday Cupcakes

I am in the final push toward my degree, and the next month is going to be hard between preparing cupcake orders that pop up, work, family, and the 4 huge projects I have for school.

No fear, though, I'll get it all done :) I always do!
An order popped up for a friend of mine. Her daughter, the birthday girl, is a former gymnastics student of mine. Also, this family was my first ever paid order and they've gotten me some referrals. :)

The request: Hello Kitty
Cupcakes: Strawberry
Colors: Red and Pink

The rest was up to me! I haven't worked with modeling chocolate yet, so thought this was a good time to try. White modeling chocolate made the Hello Kitty heads.

Here we have: Strawberry cupcake with Marshmallow Buttercream frosting and White Chocolate Hello Kitty.

I had a happy little birthday girl when I dropped them off today!